Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jono Van Hazel video

Here’s a 3 minute video of Jono Van Hazel, an Australian Olympian.  He has one of the smoothest and efficient strokes you’ll ever see – and this is a sprinter.  Watching this video,  you’ll see the technique coaches have been harping on over the past week:

 -Body position: note the slight bend at the hips allowing the legs and upper chest to be streamlined; this is not much different than the start of most of your weight lifting positions

 -Hands: watch the hands enter the water right above the shoulders and note the ‘switch’ movement where the hand shoots forward strongly into the water; The hands are straight when starting   the pull – not tilted off to the side

-Core rotation: notice the easy ‘rotisserie’ back and forth motion; there’s no side to side motion of the hips; it’s movement as if he is on a skewer

-Breathing: he starts the breath motion right as his ‘breathing’ hand starts the pull; notice how the body (core) turns to create the actual breath, not the head

-Arms: watch the high elbows and how tight his arm stroke is to his core movement; there’s no swinging wide with the arms; this motion can only be attained   if there is good core rotation

-Kick: there is little splash after he gets going; the propulsion comes from a loose, almost lanky downward motion

The last thing I want you take notice of is the data is the lower right corner.  Note his stroke count for a 50 meter long course pool.  At 32 strokes per 50/m, my guess is he’s probably at 11-12 in a 25 yard pool (0:39 pace for a 100 yard free).