Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Lindsay Benko video

I have another video for you to watch.  It’s video of Lindsay Benko, former Olympian (2000 & 2004) and world record holder.  She and Mark Schubert (College and various Olympic team coach) go through mechanics we have been working the past week.  It will be good re-enforcement of finding your perfect technical swimming stroke.

Lindsay has excellent mechanics on both starts and turns.  Her flip turn is a variation on what I normally teach, but as any good coach will tell you, there is no way that works for everyone.  Successful people learn from the best.  Look at how quickly Lindsay gets through the turn.  Note how she looks down through the turn using a point on the pool bottom to tell her when to start the turn – she NEVER looks at the wall before she does a flip turn.  It uses most of the mechanics that Lindsay uses with a variation that creates a ¾ turn, as opposed to a complete summersault.  Either way, you’ll be faster applying these techniques.